Privacy, Confidentiality, Information and Advocacy at YDHS


The Yarram and District Health Service (YDHS) is bound by a number of state and federal legislative requirements to protect the information we receive about staff, residents, patients and clients. This legislation includes the Health Services Act 1988, the Health Records Act 2001 and the Victorian Privacy Act 2000. We are also required to meet the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards which oversee the governance of YDHS. A full copy of our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy can be obtained on request to our Privacy Officer or the Chief Executive Officer.

Information Privacy/Confidentiality – Document and Data Control

YDHS holds information that can clearly identify individuals in a variety of paper and electronic forms. We apply the Information Privacy Principles, contained in the Privacy Act 2000, to the management and security of this confidential information.

For more information about privacy you can refer to the Office of the Health Complaints Commissioner or please contact us on 1800 934 722.

Freedom of Information

Requests for documents in the possession of YDHS are directed to the Freedom of Information Officers and all requests are processed in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

A fee is levied for this service based on the time involved in retrieving and copying the requested documents. The most current fees are stated in our Freedom of Information Application Form.

> Download our Freedom of Information form (pdf)

YDHS’ nominated officers under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 are the Director Corporate Services and Manager People and Business.

Please call the Health Service on 1800 934 722 for details on how to make a Freedom of Information application.


Clients of YDHS are encouraged to have an advocate if they would like one or feel they need someone to represent their wishes or act on their behalf. An advocate can assist you in ensuring your rights are upheld and help you to make decisions. You are able to nominate an advocate at any time.

For more information about advocacy please speak to your health care professional or contact the YDHS Social Worker on 03 5182 0222.