Community Support Services Fees

The full cost of our community support services at YDHS are subsidised by the government. The out-of-pocket expenses that you will need to pay are income tested against your circumstances. An invoice will be mailed to you after you receive the service. The table below outlines your level of subsidy based on your income over the year.

Individual Less than $39,089 Between $39,089 and $86,208 Greater than $86,208
Couple Less than $59,802 Between $59,802 and $115,245 Greater than $115,245
Family (1 child) Less than $66,009 Between $66,009 and $118,546 Greater than $118,546 Plus $6,206 per additional child

Fee capping

For people receiving multiple services from YDHS, fees can be capped to a monthly rate. Please advise your clinician if you think this applies to you.

Fee schedule

For further information about our fees, please view our 2022-23 Community Services Fee Schedule.

Please note that all costs are provided per hour unless otherwise specified and are exempt from GST.

Further information

Please contact us on 1800 934 722 for further information about our any of our fees and charges for services.