Yarram and District Health Service: Integrated Healthcare Centre

Aged Care You Can Trust

Our two residential aged care facilities, St Elmo’s Nursing Home and Crossley House Hostel, offer a wide range of services and activities, including carer respite, for residents requiring varying levels of care.  Dedicated YDHS staff provide an atmosphere of dignity and respect where the needs of our residents are paramount.

Reliable Medical Services

Our 20 bed Acute hospital caters to public and privately insured people providing a range of medical services.  YDHS provide Dialysis treatment for local residents and visitors and operate a 24 hour Urgent Care Department. Our Medical Centre provides General Practitioner and Specialist services to the community.

Coronavirus Updates

Where to get tested: YDHS provides symptomatic COVID–19 Testing. If you have symptoms and require a COVID-19 test please phone our urgent care department on (03) 51820 222 and our friendly staff will provide you with instructions on how to get tested at YDHS.

After your test: return home immediately & wait for your test results. Do not go to work or go out shopping, stay at home. It usually takes 2 days for your results to be returned to you. If you are worried your results are taking too long you can call a service provider for more information. Others in your house do not need to self-isolate unless they are also waiting for a coronavirus (COVID-19) test result.

YDHS is actively preparing for the pandemic of coronavirus. We all need to take responsible measures to protect the sick, vulnerable and elderly from the threat of this disease. You can find further information on Coronavirus at the following website;