Monthly Board Bulletin

At the Annual Meeting held November 15th the Board reported to the Community on the operations for the year ended June 30th 2017, citing financial and workforce challenges along with significant success with:

  • A $4M grant to build our new Integrated HealthCare Centre;
  • Partnering with Dr Ivanoff to establish him in YMC as the Practice Principal and also Clinical Lead at YDHS;
  • Full accreditation achieved by Crossley House with no recommendations;
  • The implementation of the Telehealth link with the Emergency Department of LRH; and
  • The successful preparation for Accreditation under the National Standards in September of 2017.

We recognised the service of those who have contributed to the health and wellbeing of this community and to our service.

Staff service is recognised at 10 years, then every 5 years of service that follows and in 2017 eight staff were presented with Certificates of Service they were Mary Garland (35 years); Gwlenys Christison (30 years); Judith Bowden, Julie Barlow, Megan Pattinson and Linda Lowther (15 years); Andrea Mattern and Alison Payne (10 years).

Recognition for service of Dr David Hill whose honorary board term expired on June 30 2017. Dr Hill was appointed to the Board in 2004 and has been an active participant, serving on the Quality Improvement, Medical Appointments Advisory and Investment Committees. He was YDHS Board Chair from 2011 until 2016.

Donations from the Waratah Auxiliary and the Yarram Dance Group were received and are to be directed towards the purchase of much needed equipment for our Urgent Care Centre.

Officer Bearers and Board Committee appointments for 2017-2018:

 Board Chair Ms Frankie MacLennan

Deputy Chair Mr Shaun Braybrook

Audit and Risk Committee– Ms Robyn McLachlan and Mr Trevor Yong

Quality Improvement Committee– Chair Dr Rosemary Irving, Mr Stuart Jillings, Mr Shaun Braybrook and Mr Len Neist.

Medical Appointment Advisory Committee– Chair Ms Frankie MacLennan, Mrs Vicki Macleod and Ms Robyn McLachlan.

Progress with the Integrated HealthCare Centre was noted with firming up of the plan and the development of the costing for additional space required by the co-location of the LRH Mental Health Services.

Work to prepare 121 Commercial Road to accommodate the YMC is near completion and the move of YMC to this location is planned to occur the 13th December.