Monthly Board Bulletin

The Board Bulletin is a summary of the Board’s deliberations at the September 20 2017 meeting.

In addition to general business the Board considered:

  1. The report back from Surveyors who assessed YDHS against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards: All standards were ‘easily’ met with several areas showing outstanding practices and that no recommendations are to be made. In addition the Surveyors reported on the high skill level and innovation shown by staff, the sophisticated systems and tools used and that staff have a genuine commitment to the hospital as does the community to the hospital.
  2. Two active influenza strains are currently active in the community. YDHS vaccination rates are good with 88% staff and 86% St Elmo’s and 89% of Crossley House residents being vaccinated. The value of promoting hand washing, cough etiquette to reduce the spread of the virus and the message that it is not too late to vaccinate.
  3. Three meetings have been held with architects McBride Charles and Ryan to develop the concept plan for the new Integrated HealthCare Centre. A concept plan is expected to be presented at the October Board meeting.
  4. YDHS has completed a project to develop a Service Profile to inform future planning.