Sexual health care at Yarram Medical Centre

Our doctors and nurses have had extensive sexual health training with expert staff at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre.  We offer a full range of sexual health clinical services, including:

  • Routine STI check ups
  • Testing and treatment for people with sexually transmissible infections
  • Onsite treatment for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and genital warts
  • Medicare bulk-billed service to patients
  • A nurse assessment and GP consultation
  • Sex worker friendly/ inclusive : Check-ups for people working in the sex industry
  • Prescriptions for PEP and PrEP to prevent HIV

Working with the centre of excellence for sexual healthcare

This service is part of a Victorian government initiative to increase sexual health services across Victoria.   Yarram Medical Centre  is being supported by Melbourne Sexual Health Centre.  Melbourne Sexual Health Centre is internationally recognised as a leader in sexual health care and research. ​

Call us to book an appointment today on (03) 51820222 select option 2 and ask for a SHIP appointment.

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