Wulgunggo Ngalu Men’s Health Check

On Wednesday 28th March health professionals from YDHS and associated service providers attended Wulgunggo Ngalu Learning Place to conduct a Men’s Health Check.  Clinicians were treated to a traditional welcome dance performed by the staff and residents and a smoking ceremony to cleanse the body and ward off bad spirits. The day provided a valuable forum for Wulgunggo Ngalu to share their knowledge and experiences and also  provide cultural awareness to the visiting health professionals.

The assessments included Skin Checks from Dr Ken Brito (ACCRM Registrar), Eye Checks from Optometrist Barry Pettit, Hearing Checks from Audiologist Previn Pillay, physical activity and nutrition assessments from Dr Lee Naylor, Mental Health assessment from Relationships Australia Victoria and Drug and Alcohol assessment from GEGAC. YMC Practice Principal, Dr Greg Ivanov assessed Sexual and Reproductive Health and reviewed individual pathology results with the Koori Men.  Dental Health Checks were also performed. Physical assessments were conducted by YDHS nurses Lindy Thunder and Stephen Ruebhart and YDHS Health Promotion Officer Rob Preston discussed strategies to Quit Smoking.

Positive feedback from participants stated that the relaxed nature of the assessments made the experience much more enjoyable than visiting a doctor’s surgery or hospital. The venue and format of the day provided a great opportunity towards ‘closing the gap’ of aboriginal health and wellbeing.

Thank you to Fiona O’Mara, YMC Practice Manager; Berwyn Lampitt, Program Coordinator at Wulgunggo Ngalu Learning Place and Rob Preston for coordinating the successful program. Further visits are planned for 2018.