What is a Twiddle-Muff?

Twiddle-muffs are sensory comforts for people with restless hands. They are essentially woollen hand warmers with lots of bits and pieces attached for people to fiddle with. They are made in bright colours and decorated inside and out with lots of different shaped, sized and textured objects. The muffs are good for fidgeting with and calming people in distress. They are also good for people experiencing dementia and other mental illnesses.


One of our wonderful YDHS volunteers, Dana Dunstan, has been creating twiddle-muffs with a group of Crossley House residents. Last Wednesday Dana and her group at Crossley House got together with the residents of St Elmo’s to share afternoon tea and present completed twiddle-muffs to the St Elmo’s residents who will benefit most. The group produced almost 20 twiddle-muffs from which the St Elmo’s residents were able to select their favourite. The program’s aim is to create a stockpile of twiddle-muffs so that every resident and new resident of St Elmo’s can have one.