Press Release: Significant Refurbishment Grant

Colleen Boag YDHS’ CEO said the roll out of air-conditioning to our residential aged care units will without doubt increase the comfort and amenity for our residents, staff and the public.

Ms Boag said she is delighted with the success of the YDHS submission to the DHHS Significant Refurbishment Grant Program to install Stage 1 air-conditioning at St Elmo’s Nursing Home and Crossley House Hostel. The $600,000 grant is central to the realisation of YDHS’ Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning planning and works. YDHS is keen to commence these projects which will start prior to the upcoming summer and although we are in the middle of winter and it is hard to imagine the summer heat, YDHS is currently in full planning for the upcoming season.

Ms Boag expressed her appreciation to the DHHS for its ongoing support of public sector residential aged care, saying without which, we would struggle financially to provide what is now, an expected level of care.