Press Release

The Medical Workforce Advisory Group (MWAG) met on July 3rd to support YDHS to facilitate the supply of doctors for the Yarram community. The Group have worked to understand the complexity of the health system, doctor registration requirements and current YDHS strategies to manage patient presentations, looking to understand where we can have the most positive influence in the process.

A Registered Nurse demonstrated how patients presenting to the YDHS Urgent Care are assessed and how we are utilising Telehealth and the YDHS Urgent Care link with the Latrobe Regional Hospital Emergency Department to care for patients after hours; providing safe patient care and reducing the after hour workload for our doctors.

Progress on the new Integrated HealthCare Centre, the temporary relocation of staff to the new Primary Care Centre in 50 Bland Street, Yarram as of July 3rd 2017 and the planned temporary relocation of the Yarram Medical Centre in late August 2017 to 121 Commercial Road, Yarram were explored with new issues raised for YDHS’ consideration.

The planned start date of July 31st for Dr Ivanoff was confirmed and the Group discussed ways to support doctors to transition to the area. The Group remain committed to supporting work in this area and will meet with the new doctor in August to explore with him what supports would be of most benefit.

An ongoing challenge identified by the Group is to provide positive communication of high quality information that builds on the many advantages of living and working in our community and the Health Service. The public are encouraged to contact Colleen Boag, MWAG Chair at YDHS for further information on 5180222.