Monthly Board Bulletin

In addition to general business the Board considered

  1. A presentation by Architects McBride, Charles, Ryan of the design for the new Integrated HealthCare Centre; discussion about staff work flow and client access with particular interest paid to the input of staff into the design. The session concluded with the Board endorsing the Architect’s work to date.
  2. The next stage of the Integrated HealthCare Centre is the move of the Yarram Medical Centre to temporary accommodation at 121 Commercial Road, next to the Police Station and Dorevitch Pathology which is expected late November with signage and Yarram Standard News Public notices planned. Telephone numbers will remain unchanged.
  3. The success of the welcome by YDHS, community groups, service clubs, emergency services, local Doctors, Chemists, Schools, Service Providers and Wellington Shire for Dr Greg Ivanoff and his wife Katrin Sievers on Thursday October 12th to Yarram. Formalities were brief and included a formal welcome by Board Chair Ms Frankie MacLennan for Dr Greg Ivanoff and Ms Katrin Sievers, and the opportunity to express our gratitude to Dr Duraid Ibraheem for choosing to work in Yarram and Dr Iain McConachie for his unfailing support over previous years. Danny O’Brien MLA added his voice to welcome the new medical workforce and wish the Health Service and Community a brighter future.
  4. Increased occupancy levels at Crossley House Hostel were noted as positive as this will bolster aged care income.
  5. The Department of Health and Human Services recruitment to public sector agency Boards. YDHS has a skills based Board and plans a skills audit to determine any gaps and ensure the selection of new members strengthen the Board’s capacity to deliver on the expectations of the public and the Victorian government. The Board is keen to strengthen its financial skill base with candidates with formal financial/accounting expertise sought.
  6. The 2017 Annual Reporting Meeting is scheduled for 15 November 2017 at 3pm.
  7. A report from the CEO on the increased Urgent Care presentations and the need for community education to ensure the public calls an ambulance as a first point of contact when dealing with serious injury/illness.