Monthly Board Bulletin

The Board Bulletin is a summary of the Board’s deliberations at the August 16 2017 meeting.

In addition to general business the Board considered:

  1. The reappointment of Dr Duraid Ibraheem as a Visiting Medical Officer for a period of one year and Dr Sohail Khan as a Visiting Medical Officer for a period of three years.
  2. The commencement of Dr Greg Ivanoff as Principle GP at the Yarram Medical Centre and Visiting Medical Officer at YDHS and the request by Dr Ibraheem for a further 12 month contract were seen as a very positive step towards good medical cover for the hospital and the community.
  3. The appointment process for project architect/managers McBride, Ryan and Charles has been completed. The first meeting with the Project Control Group Executive and a site assessment occurred July 28 2017. Project management, supervision, consultations, communications and projected timelines were discussed and agreed to.
  4. Mr Len Neist was welcomed to his first meeting as were reappointments Mr Shaun Braybrook, Mr Trevor Yong and Dr Rosemary Irving. The Board noted that the appointment process ensures Board skills are regularly refreshed.