Medicare Ineligible Patients

Yarram and District Health Services is a public health care facility.  Patients who are not eligible for Medicare benefits will need to pay for the cost of all medical care and services.

A Medicare ineligible person is any visitor to Australia who does not hold a valid Medicare card, or is not included under one of the classifications below:

Reciprocal Rights

The Australian Government has Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (RHCA) with the UK, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, New Zealand, Slovenia, Malta, Italy.  Eligibility will be confirmed by evidence of a passport and the Department of Immigration will be contacted to clarify visa status.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Asylum seekers and refugees are provided with free medical care (including diagnostic services) in Victorian hospitals.

Asylum Seekers/Refugees will need to show appropriate documentation confirming their status from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.  If the documentation is not produced Asylum Seekers/Refugees will be expected to pay for all associated medical costs, however the fee will be waived if the documents are presented.

For more information please contact:

Finance Department by telephone 03 5182 0228.

Accommodation Charges YDHS Fees
Same day – single room AUD403.00
Same day – shared ward AUD418.00
Overnight – single room AUD821.00
Overnight – shared ward AUD735.00
Urgent Care – per attendance AUD570.00
Medical Outpatients AUD329.00
Postnatal Care – per hour AUD92.24
Dialysis – per day AUD1000.00
Allied Health AUD171.00
Diagnostic Imaging Full Cost
Geriatric & Palliative AUD1800.00
Rehabilitation – per day AUD2195.00