Energy efficient LED light replacements at YDHS

Contractors have started work today to replace lighting at YDHS with energy efficient LED lighting.

YDHS applied for an interest free loan from the State Government under the Gippsland Solar Fund with the application being successful and a total loan of $830,000 received. Due to the strength of the application our proposal for LED lighting replacement and the installation of a Geothermal Energy plant, along with Solar Power was included in the loan.

Colleen Boag, Chief Executive Officer said “as part of our Energy Future Project and our successful funding application we are really pleased to be able to be in a position to replace our existing lighting with energy efficient LED lighting. The work will include the replacement of some light fittings.

The contractor has commenced today and we expect the work will take 2-3 weeks. Lighting will be replaced throughout our facilities, including the Crossley House and St Elmos Nursing Homes. As part of the process Residents and staff were consulted to ensure that the best lighting was selected. The lights will use much less power and provide better lighting as well.

The total value of the LED lighting works is around $50,000. YDHS takes its role as a Corporate Citizen seriously and we are proud to do our bit towards improving Environmental Sustainability through this and other initiatives.”