Bus Safety Week 2018

Bus Safety Week in 2018 is the first week of July. It is our annual opportunity to assess, strengthen and celebrate our shared responsibility for the safe operation of bus services in Victoria.

YDHS is pleased to be working with Bus Safety Victoria (BSV) to celebrate Bus Safety Week. Our commitment to safety has the highest priority and is an integral part of all our business activities.

We are committed to the safety of our staff and the passengers we provide bus services to and have a year-round focus on safety.

Did you know that YDHS operates an 11 seater bus? It is used by volunteer drivers to transport passengers of YDHS run programs. It also allows our Crossley House and St Elmo’s residents to participate in group excursions. And it can be used by community members for community focused excursions. Every driver is required to fill in a safety checklist each time the bus is driven. This allows us to pinpoint any faults so they can be attended to promptly in order to keep the bus running safely and efficiently. If you have any questions about use of the bus please contact the Volunteer Coordinator or Stores personnel, ph 03 5182 0222.