Board Bulletin – April 2020

YDHS Medical Cover
YDHS Board of Directors is very excited to share with the Yarram community our current medical cover status. Currently we have Dr Charles Luiz conducting two half day clinics per month and in the near future, 1 weekend a month also.
We have had visiting locum Dr Andrew Reedy with us since March. At this stage he intends to stay in Yarram until December. Dr Babak Azari is another visiting locum who has been with us since January 2020. Dr Azari intends to stay with us until the end of August.
A stable medical workforce has been a challenge for YDHS to provide in recent times however with these doctors all on board we are very happy to see an increase in the continuity of care provided through not only Yarram Medical Centre but also our Acute ward and Residential care facilities.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Yarram Community for making these doctors feel welcome. It is because of your welcome that they are wanting to extend their stays.
There is still more work to be done in continuing to secure a stable medical workforce for our community, however it is important for us to celebrate these successes we are having along the way. A special mention to our Acting Corporate Services Director Billie-Jo Thorburn who has been instrumental in securing the locums we have had visit YDHS in 2020 and Bernadette Wardle for her work bringing Dr Luiz back to Yarram.

IHCC Update
We are inching closer and closer to our hand over date and the staff are getting excited to move into our new building. Most works are in finalization stages with the main key item for completion being the front veranda.
There is lots of work going on in the background preparing to move staff from what is currently 3 different addresses into the one new integrated health care centre. This move will help us work towards our “One Service Strategy”, bringing our various teams together into a more cohesive and united space to provide quality care to our patients, clients and residents.
Once the building is handed over to the Health service, we will organise tours for the community to come and see the finished facility.

YDHS has been quick to act on the DHHS guidelines as they are changing to suit the COVID-19 conditions in Victoria. Many things have changed over the last few months including screening of staff and visitors, moving many consultations and client appointments to be conducted over the phone as well as developing safe and robust infection control procedures specific to COVID-19.
At YDHS we have a COVID-19 Action plan team who meet regularly to discuss and implement changes to be made to follow DHHS guidelines and to keep our staff, clients and community safe.
At this stage we have not had any cases detected in our local community however we want the people of Yarram and surrounds to know that we are prepared for the possibility that this could change.