Board Bulletin – May 2020

Strategic Plan Update
One of the goals in the YDHS 2019-2024 Strategic Plan is “Growing and Supporting skilled, valued Caregivers”. One of the ways to achieve this goal that has been identified is to “embed a culture that promotes and encourages innovation, leadership and collaboration”.
The attached poster is being rolled out internally at YDHS over the coming weeks to support this statement.
In summary its purpose is to empower staff at all levels and areas of the health service to speak up and challenge the status quo or identify areas of concern. We want to foster a sense of psychological safety among all staff that they will not be criticized when they raise a concern or suggestion and that we will work together as a team to learn and problem solve.
This leads into another Strategic Goal which is to deliver seamless care through a ‘One Service’ strategy’. All staff at YDHS are here for a common purpose, whether they be environmental services, maintenance, corporate services, nurses or doctors, all of us are here to do the best we can to deliver high quality, safe and connected care for our clients, patients and residents. In this way we are all ‘caregivers’.

IHCC Update and Tours

Furniture for the new building is on its way and we are packing boxes with files to transfer to the new centre.
Our first team to move across to the new building will be Primary Care. All primary care staff and most primary care services will be relocated to the IHCC once hand over of the building has occurred.
At this point in time, we will be able to organise small tours of the facility, within social distancing guidelines, for the local community. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page over the coming weeks for details on tour dates and how to book. The next stage of transition to the new building will be moving over the medical centre.
As I am sure the community can understand this process will not be without its hiccups. We anticipate that there will be unexpected obstacles with setting up the new centre, transferring appointments across and settling new staff. We thank the community for their patience and understanding, especially during this unprecedented epidemic.

COVID-19 – Asymptomatic testing for teachers
During May, YDHS was part of the Victorian COVID-19 testing blitz for asymptomatic cases. Many YDHS staff volunteered for the testing and we are very relieved to announce that 100% of swabs were returned as negative.
Shortly after our internal staff testing blitz, we offered asymptomatic testing pop up sites at the local schools exclusively for school staff to be tested before school returns late May. We have fantastic uptake at the schools and many staff volunteered to be tested. We are still awaiting results for these tests at this stage.

Board Retiring
We wish to advise the community that Frankie MacLennan, Rosemary Irving and Shaun Braybrook will all complete their tenure as board members as of 30 June 2020. The appointment of incoming board members is expected to be announced by Department of Health and Human Services mid-June.