Yarram & District Health Service Board Bulletin – April 2021

 Client Story

Since October 2020 YDHS have provided 154 Samsung Tablets, covers, sim cards and credit for 1 year to consumers in our community. The aim of the funding was to link consumers who may be socially isolated with technology to be able connect with family and friends. The rollout of these packages was done in a way that would allow people over 65, who had not had much involvement in technology before, feel confident in what they were learning and to go through each step in a simple delivery method rather than a fast-paced class where they may have felt overwhelmed or not recalled the steps they would need. We have seen uptake of the use of social media to connect with extended family, use of emails to communicate with friends and use of online library services during periods where our most vulnerable community members were not able to get out and about easily. Our funding for this program has now finished.


YDHS GP Services

YDHS is proud to be able to continue offering a strong GP service to the community.

Appointments can be made with any of our highly experienced doctors. Please phone 5182 0330 to book an appointment with any of the following doctors; Drs Jimmy Wang, Charles Luiz, Kran Puri, Sohail Khan or Vivienne Whitechurch (RFDS).



Volunteers are now returning onsite.  A welcome back session is being organised where they will be advised of changes that have occurred since COVID with those volunteers who volunteer directly with our residents being prioritised in order to get aged care programs back up and running.

We are very excited to have our volunteers returning.