Monthly Board Bulletin – April 2018

The Board were delighted with the attendance of both the public and staff at the annual open access board meeting where McBride Charles Ryan presented the plans for the Integrated HealthCare Centre.

YDHS’ proposed energy and solar project and the challenges and opportunities that will arise with the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the Commonwealth Home Support Program in 2019 were noted.

The Board was pleased to hear of YDHS’ success in the recruitment of three registered nurses with significant experience in the areas of emergency, acute and remote nursing. Noting this will add the existing skill mix of nursing staff.

After each meeting the Board reflects on the meeting process to see what improvements can be made and this month the Board acknowledged the challenge of conducting a business as usual meeting and satifying expectations of observers.

It is clear that our community desire more access to the Board and management and after considering ways to do this it was decided to trial a Q & A session, for a set time, twice per year, just prior to Board meeting. Sessions will be advertised and the community asked to put forward any questions on notice to ensure YDHS is able to respond on the night. This is seen as a good initiative to respond to the community’s requests for increased communication. It will enable us to have a conversation about those things of real importance to our community. The first Q & A is planned for October.